Becca Scott is known for breaking barriers and speaking about her views on board games, video games, pop culture, nerd culture, women’s issues, and everything in between.

With WIZARDS OF THE COAST/Magic: The Gathering Arena: interviewing pros at
Mythic Championships & MPL Weekly

With LEGENDARY DIGITAL/GEEK & SUNDRY: Becca has co-developed and performed on many digital series, most notably the tabletop instructional series How To Play and the companion tabletop play-through series Game the Game, featuring many charming and notable guests. She is also a core member of the all-female transformative role-playing troupe TBD RPG.

Other past work includes acting, voiceover, & hosting with:
College Humor’s DROPOUT | Mental Floss w/John Green | FunnyOrDie Verizon GO90
YouTube Premium | Break Media | Super Deluxe | Looper, Grunge, SVG
| & more.





She has trained in acting extensively at various prestigious studios, and continuously hones her craft with Gregory Berger at Berg Studios in Los Angeles.

She has also studied at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles and has spent many years performing live improv and sketch comedy at various venues.



Check out all 36 episodes of Becca’s Tabletop podcast: